Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crazy microkini teens

When it comes to crazy hotness, there's nothing better than the microkini. It's the most extreme, revealing form of the bikini, and its sole purpose is to display as much flesh as possible without being entirely nude. A girl would have to be a little crazy to wear one...and here's proof that not only are there teens crazy enough to wear microkinis, there are also plenty of teens crazy enough to let people photograph them in microkinis.

Long black hair, a great ass, nice hips...I love this kind of exotic look. I have to wonder if she'd be as pretty from the front, though. I do love a nice substantial ass, but I think it's sad to see how many chicks there are on the internet whose asses (whether skinny or bootylicious) express more humanity than their face. And I'm not talking just about a girl having a pretty model face, either. I'm talking about the kind of girl who looks like you could stand to be with for more than just the 2 minutes it'd take you to do the nasty. Not that you'd be doing the nasty with her if she was that nice, anyway...it's a conundrum, isn't it.

And speaking of doing the nasty...

Do you prefer blondes? It seems most people do. Myself, I like brunettes, whether it's the exotic look or the more girl-next-door type. Even a hardened (pun intended) brunette-lover couldn't find fault with these pictures, though.

Speaking of the girl next door type, here's one of the best teens on the web: Kari Sweets, sporting only the bottom half of a tiny microkini.

Kari is a professional internet model who does non-nude, but very (very) sexy shots. If you're into big backyards or large tracts of land (nerdy Monty Python reference) up top, Kari isn't the girl for you. If you're into porn-star types with harsh faces and overinflated tits, you're better off elsewhere. But if a pretty, petite 18 year old with loads of sexy, innocent charm, natural hotness, a sense of fun, and a definite naughty streak can do it for you, there's no one better than Kari.

In fact, I think I might dedicate a section of Bikini Hotness to Kari Sweets. Yep, it's official. Come back for more of this.

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